The research ‘Too many, too much’ originated from a shocking discovery – namely that every month, 5 to 10 young women in the Netherlands sought voluntary sterilization due to the lack of hope they had in providing a future for their children. This prompted the research behind the World Population Limitation Movement. The aim of the movement and this site is not to say you can’t have children if you want them; not to start a political discussion; but simply to provide information.

Not a political movement

Politics is not the answer to the questions asked. In politics there is always something urgent to attend to, and after that something more urgent. With the current use of social media, politics is not able to have a few moments of reflection between the urgent and the more urgent. That is why politics will not be able to find an answer to the issues posed; that is why this is addressed to you. To ordinary people all over the planet wanting and having children.

Traffic jam in overcrowded city; too many, too much

What you can do

Do you want to promote discussion and spread the message about the movement? You can help by sharing this website and spreading the WPLM text with your friends, family, and other people you think might be interested.

World Population

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